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     I am extremely grateful to the team for their exceptional efforts and excellent service that truly deserve nothing less than a solid 10/10 from me.
Rachel Brown27/03/2024
     The team at Cleaners Woodford left no stone unturned in providing me with exceptional service.
K. Andrews11/03/2024
     Thanks to their tireless effort and efficiency, our end of tenancy cleaning was completed flawlessly, making it seem like we never even lived there in the first place.
Jody Gibson21/02/2024
     Not a big fan of cleaning, so when a friend suggested I hire Carpet Cleaner Woodford I jumped at the opportunity. I can safely say it was a very smart decision. 5/5.
Garry P.31/05/2016
     We are a busy set of parents and by the time the day ends, my wife and I are beyond exhausted with 2 kids. Having a cleaner come in and take care of stuff was ideal. Amazing cleaning and would recommend. Carpet Cleaning Woodford is fantastic.
Juliana and Justin01/12/2015
     I had a couple of light stains on my carpet and was worried that they couldn't be sorted. Thankfully I came across Carpet Cleaning Woodford. They gave me a good quote and after hearing what they had to say, I was very happy to proceed and make a booking. What transpired was utterly amazing and I was left delighted with the state of my carpet.
     My wife and I work really long hours and when we get home we want to be able to kick back and relax, not pull out the mop and duster! At WoodfordCarpetCleaners they appreciate the hectic lifestyles so many working couples lead today, which is why they tailor all their cleaning services to each of their customers and individuals. They're also so flexible and can sometimes be at your doorstep just a couple of hours after a simple phone call. We absolutely lover this company!
Brian W.15/01/2015